6- Thanatology with Cole Imperi


My guest this week met me in a dim conference room in a Cincinnati Hampton Inn on a Tuesday night and it was lit. 

Cole Imperi is a certified thanatologist and loves talking to people about death and dying. She also makes really good sugar cookies and was warm and patient talking to me about my anxiety surrounding death. I can't say enough good things about the woman. 

I'm short on time (AREN'T WE ALL THOUGH IN THE END?) but here's a list of links that may be useful:

Coles's website: www.hellocole.com

Ologies on Apple Podcast/iTunes

Ologies on Art19

Ologies at twitter.com/ologiespod

or instagram.com/ologies

Shirts, mugs, etc at www.ologiesmerch.com

Links to things we discussed:

Near Death experiences:

We are stardust

Books about wills


Cremation map:

Red state map:

Egg pod

American Gothic Funeral Director

Animals Grieving

British Lawnmower Museum

David the Gnome Kicks The Bucket

Alkaline Hydrolysis

When You Lose Someone You Love by Joanne Fink 

Attending the Dying by Megory Anderson 




Alie Ward