23 - Melittology with Amanda Shaw


BEES! Hives, honey, and how to keep them as outdoor pets. Meet melittologist and President of the Urban Beekeepers Association, Amanda Shaw. She and Alie cozy up in a weird hotel in Portland to chat about honeybees vs. native ones, how to become a beekeeper, social savagery that rivals Game of Thrones, if you should eat honey to deal with seasonal allergies, what happens in the drone zone (hint: boning) and how we can SAVE THESE FRIGGIN BEES. Also: what happens when 15,000 bees go through a carwash.

Ps: I meant to post this last night when the episode went up but I got in late from the airport and somehow fell asleep in the middle of eating hummus. I don't understand how it happened. Anyway!

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For more on Amanda Shaw, see WaggleWorksPDX.com

Portland Urban Beekeepers

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