29 - Fearology Pt. 2 with Mary Poffenroth



(Listen to PART 1 first to get the primer on fear.)

FEAR. Anxiety. Stress. Dread. It's all the same dang thing, as it turns out. Biologist and fear expert Mary Poffenroth is back for Part 2 of what has been one of the most helpful interviews of ol' Alie Ward's life. Learn how super successful people approach fear, Mary’s scariest hour, plus answers to all of your questions about night terrors, self-spookery, sharks' bad PR image to how likely it is that a snake will bite your butt. Plus: the best thing about following your passions in life. If this episode helped you at all, consider telling friends about it so we can all get over being chicken sh*ts and, as Mary would say "die with great stories."

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For more info on Mary Poffenroth, see: MaryPoffenroth.com, her Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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