21 - Gizmology with Simone Giertz

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Very terrible photo of wonderful person, Simone Giertz

YouTube's "Shitty Robots" machine-maker, very funny human being, professional tinkerer and potential astronaut Simone Giertz hops in Alie's car to hang out in a sketchy Hollywood alley and chat. Topics covered: the definition of a robot, artificial intelligence, the gateway to her thirst for engineering power, plastic animals, and topless grandmas.

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Some links which may be helpful:

Flashback: “Small Wonder”


Control an arduino board

Look at this cute little arduino board

Simone slaughters a tofu robot

What is uncanny valley?

Ex Machina vs. Svedka vs. Sophia 

19 - Teuthology with Sarah McAnulty



Squids. Cuttlefish. Octopusseseses. The world's most impassioned squid nerd, Sarah McAnulty, gets locked in a basement with Alie to talk about cephalopods, alien DNA, camouflage, invisibility cloaks, why cute things make us insane, terrible mating strategies, cute and clever ones and why she is so charmed by squid. Also addressed: Philly accents and the Kraken.

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Some links which might be helpful:

NatGeo video that Sarah Loves

Humboldt Squid

Dynamic Skin Patterns in Cephalopods

Marine Bio Basics 

Why Cute Things Make You Want to Punch Things

Squid Camouflage


Deep Sea Bisexual Squid

Man eating squid



17 - Gelotology with Lee Berk



The. Study. Of. Laughter. It exists, and it's called gelotology. In one of the oddly more somber episodes, Alie sits down with Dr. Lee Berk, a doctor who is "serious about laughter" and has dedicated decades to hunting down how humor affects the body. Learn about what makes a joke a joke, the science behind happiness, why you laugh when you're nervous, if comedians are naturally depressed or if that's a myth, and why some people get paid to tickle rats. Gelotology is an actual science and as Alie learns, it really is no laughing matter.

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Some potentially useful links:

Dr. Lee Berk’s website 

History of laughter therapy

Descartes and mind-body dualism

Who was Norman Cousins? 

What the fuq is a joke? 

Who do laughs work?

Why do we laugh?

Carol Burnett dentist sketch

Laurel and Hardy

The Granpappy of the word “stress”

What are brain waves?

Tickle some rats; they love it

Why do we laugh when tickled? 

Are comedians depressed tho

Eat more nuts, okay?

15 - Herpetology with David Steen

Dr Steen .jpg

Sea turtles, frog storms, Indiana Jones trivia, the triumph of will that was Snakes on a Plane, plus dissembling your anti-sneck feelings with Dr. David Steen. Learn more about what makes a herp a herp, the unfortunate etymology behind the ology, and why you'll be a rebel by loving snakes. A great episode for those who want to conquer their fears with science and logic, and also who grew up romping around and turning over logs. 

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Sidenote: Dinner with Thanatologist Cole Imperi in Portland on Feb. 22 link is here 


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Stump rippers, etc: 

Indiana Jones: What kinds snecks are those? 

Raiders of the Lost Arc snake facts

Snake bite stats

Well of Souls clip

Naturism vs. naturalism

(That one has nude butts, FYI)

Dont suck venom


Crime fears and stats

Babies don’t fear snakes

Frog storms

Your TV may kill you 

VICE doc on snakes

Narcisse caves in Manitoba

Snake abduction


14 - Sports & Performance Psychology with Sari Shepphird

Dr. Shepp Headshot_Ologies.jpg

Sweaty palms before a date. Racing heart during a presentation. Needing a diaper while delivering a wedding toast. We've all been there. On the heels of New Year's resolutions, sports & performance psychologist Dr. Sari Shepphird explains confidence vs. performance anxiety, the origins of perfectionism, how much social media is too much, self-sabotoage and also dishes on strategies that athletes use to perform under pressure. Also: why you should holler the F word when you're nervous, why being authentic is always the best policy and the perils of professional darts.


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Some links which may be of use perhaps:

Diaphragamammatical breathing 

How to Breathe and Stuff

Solo athletes get the deproshons 

Positive self-talk is ... positive 

Weird sports superstitions

Just say “I’M EXCITED”

Riots Lakers

Nika riots

Which Williams sister is which 

How does adrenaline block pain? 

Identity foreclosure

The Power of Full Engagement

Books about saying HELL NO

Bring Your A Game by Jennifer Either

The Cubs Way by Tom Verducci 


13 - Spesh Ep: Hematology with Brian Durie


Bloooood. In this special episode, Alie sits down with Scotsman and hematologist Dr. Brian Durie to talk about blood: what it is, and what can go wrong. As an oncologist, Dr. Durie is a leading researcher in multiple myeloma, a disease that's deeply affected Alie's family. So learn about what's in your blood and how doctors are finding new cures and therapies for the people diagnosed with blood cancers. Also learn about the most scientifically chill way to live your life, what foods to avoid, whether or not Coachella is too crowded and some handy fish slang.

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For more info on myeloma, visit www.myeloma.org

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You can download the raw, unedited interview, with a little more info for myeloma patients here.

Here are some other links which may be helpful:

Signs and symptoms of myeloma

What is blood?


Black Swan Research Initiative

Yeezy Clear PVC pumps

Blue Zones

Diet sodas and depression

How much does bottle service cost?



12 - Glycobiology with Michelle Dookwah


Carbohydrates: no longer just for your piehole. Stuff some knowledge into your ears with sugar scientist Michelle Dookwah and learn how your cells use carbs to communicate, the whys behind your winter cravings, the hot goss on the keto diet, and how much sugar you should really be eating. Also: B-movies about biology and the weirdest thing Alie ate today.

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And here are some links you may find useful:

Structure of sugars and their taste

Salt and Pepper syndrome

Extraordinary Measures on Rotten Tomatoes

Study on white vs. whole wheat bread

Ketogenic diet

World's Largest Baguette

Sugar Science at UCSF

Winter chub factor

How does sense of taste work

Sugar alcohols

Sugar free gummy bear reviews on Amazon


Glycogen depletion

Low carb diet

Ketogenic diet