Biogerontology (AGING) with Dr. Caleb Finch

Biogerontologist Dr. Caleb Finch in his office at USC. (Image via USC)

Biogerontologist Dr. Caleb Finch in his office at USC. (Image via USC)

Why do we die when we die? How much of aging is genetics and how much is environmental? What does oral hygiene have to do with brain health? How do turtles and naked mole rats live so long? Are there any proven strategies for living a longer life? What's up with whiskey and eggs? World-renowned aging expert and biogerontologist Dr. Caleb "Tuck" Finch takes a quick break from his prolific research at USC to answer Alie's sometimes stupid questions about everything from molecules to movies. And she only has like, 3 life-altering epiphanies during the episode.

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I forgot to mention that Dr. Caleb Finch is also a fiddler in the Iron Mountain String Band

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