Cosmetology with Alysha Sherri Marcantonio

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Skin care! Beard care! History! Grooming! Men's concealer! Make-up! And most importantly: what is self-confidence and where does it come from? The incredibly charming Alysha Marcantonio has been Alie's make-up artist for years and stepped in the booth to dish about HOW IN THE HECKERS she always has perfect skin (Alysha, not Alie), what it's like to hear all the gossip on set, creature prosthetics vs. glam squad and why beauty truly does come from the inside. Emotionally and from a molecular level. 

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Here are some insane things we gabbed about:

Cosmetology license FAQ

Cinema Makeup School’s Ghastly Yelp

Max Factor vintage Juggalo TV contouring

Witch Hazel history

Serum she loves — Seaberry from Fresh


Thyroid eyebrows

Human Leather, Frequently Shouted Questions




Alie Ward