Eschatology (THE APOCALYPSE) with Phil Torres

Philosopher and existential risk author Phil Torres and Alie Ward.

Philosopher and existential risk author Phil Torres and Alie Ward.

Doomsday. The apocalypse. The End. Join scholar, author and professional existential risk philosopher Phil Torres for a surprisingly jovial romp through different "Oops we're screwed" scenarios that will lead to the destruction of the planet or extinction of our species. (Not to be confused with lepidopterologist/butterfly man, Phil Torres.) Find out where we're at on Ye Olde Doomsday clock, if any of us should have babies, if AI will destroy us, pop-cultural Antichrists, Black Mirror, simulations, technology as friend or foe, why voting matters (lookin’ at you, America) and how to remain chill in the face of doom. Also: the hottest underground bunkers on the market.

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Sound editing by Steven Ray Morris

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