Minisode! Fallogies


Dear Autumn,

Where the FACK are you? I'm sitting here with a pile of scarves and we're wondering why you hate us. I want to make a ghosted pun but it's too painful. It's 104 degrees in LA and in tombstones on people's lawns -- when it feels like July -- is just creepy and fucked up. 

I understand that the Earth is roasting like a game hen but I hope you come back. To woo you, I made a minisode with the world's weirdest fall ologies and I hope that you like it and you return. I had to order a chai tea iced and I want to pour it down my back to cope, but just know that you're very adored and California is waiting for you. 



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Theme song by Nick Thorburn

Links to things discussed:


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Autumn, we want you back


Vampire bats and their chicken lickin’ 

Bat facts a plenty


The doctor is in


Zombies are real, y’all

Like really

Alie Ward