Paleontology (DINOSAURS) Encore Presentation with Dr. Michael Habib


It's a trip back in time to a baby podcast! Hear the humble beginnings of Ologies as your Ol' Dadward takes a week to celebrate her parents' 50th wedding anniversary. This encore presentation of Paleontology -- complete with new bells, whistles, intro and a fresh secret or two at the end -- will remind you of the wonders of dino digs. Dr. Michael Habib of the beloved Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County answers questions such as: Did Ross Gellar ruin being a paleontologist? What's the hot goss on dino feathers? How did some dinos have four wings? Which costs more: a used sedan or a dinosaur? Also covered: why Alie used to feel meh about dinos (DON'T JUDGE) and the realities of cloning. Oh and penis implants. We talk about penis implants.

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Next week we're back with a fresh as hell episode about Vexillology (FLAGS.) Get ready.

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