Saurology (LIZARDS) with Earyn McGee

Saurologist and #FindThatLizard game creator Earyn McGee out doing field work in Arizona.

Saurologist and #FindThatLizard game creator Earyn McGee out doing field work in Arizona.

Saurologist and professional lizard scientist Earyn McGee visits Alie to go on a little lizard hunt, then they hunkes down to chat about everything from tiny chameleons to drooling dragons, venomous thiccbois, legless lizards, geckos’ antigravity grip, festering dragon mouths, gila monster sightings, close encounters with lions, tangles of snoozy lizards, virgin births, and blood shooting from eyeballs. We also discuss Earyn’s wildly popular #FindThatLizard Twitter game and she gives us all some sound advice on social anxiety and how to succeed in literally any field or ambition. You’ll be squinting at bushes looking for lizards and when you see one, you’ll salute it. 

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