Somnology (SLEEP) with Dr. W. Chris Winter


Birds do it. Bees do it. Why the hell can't we do it? Called "The Sleep Whisperer," neurologist and sleep specialist Dr. W. Chris Winter joins Alie for a thrilling 2-parter about why we need sleep, the ideal amount of it, what sleep does to the brain, insomnia, sleep stages, ideal bedtime conditions, and even the historical lore around sleep paralysis. Next week, we'll answer listener questions about everything from sleeping pills to brain performance to insomnia cures to apnea to sleepwalking to parenthood and shift work. Think of it as a free seminar to fix your life. Maybe.

Listen to part 1 on Stitcher, iTunes, Art19, Spotify or wherever you get podcasts.


Listen to part 2 on Stitcher, iTunes, Art19, Spotify or wherever you get podcasts.


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