Minisode: All of My Secret Travel Trips + Some Updates


Hello from the road! On the last stop of a six-state Midwest tour interviewing -ologists for future episodes, your ol' Dadward Von Podcast was going to serve up a re-run this week. HOWEVER, I love you all too much and instead I recorded a solo episode in my rental car of the best travel tips I've amassed from the last decade of being on the road. How to pack, what to pack, ideas for mini-trips that don't cost a lot, airport etiquette, cheap flight strategies, why first class actually kinda sucks, face hammocks, how to avoid single-use plastics on the road, offsetting your carbon footprint, jet lag busters, hydration reminders and more. A compact quick episode chock-o-block with secret tips to make your trips go smoothly. Recorded in a rental car in broad daylight in Minneapolis.

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Alie Ward