Victimology (CRIME VICTIMS) with Dr. Callie Rennison


In a world saturated with CSI spinoffs and true crime documentaries, we look at a criminology subset focusing not on the pathology of the killers, but on the victims of crime: their experiences, vulnerability, survival rates, statistics, trauma, and recovery. In the least goofy episode to date, the brilliant and warm professional victimologist Dr. Callie Rennison of the University of Colorado chats about resources, historical changes of perspective, gender's role in victimization and how people of color and Native populations are at a tragically higher risk for violent victimization. Also covered, PTSD and fear at school, trauma from homophobia and how Dr. Rennison used Brock Turner as a textbook illustration for a rapist. If the superficial thirst for serial killer stats doesn't sit quite right with you or you'd love a career that gives back, this episode might be just what you need. Also please get a Ph.D and be one of Dr. Rennison's colleagues. 

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Alie Ward