Ologies is up! Volcanology with Jess Phoenix


Hello folks and thanks so much for listening to the first episode of Ologies with the supremely badass volcanologist and congressional candidate, Jess Phoenix. Y'ALL WE DID IT THIS IS FINALLY A PODCAST THAT EXISTS. 

Listen on Stitcher, iTunes, Art19, Spotify or wherever you get podcasts.

Before I get to the links, a clarification:

So, if you subscribed in advance (thank you so facking much!), you may have gotten a version of the show that was not intended to go out. It's a rough rough edit done a few months ago, before the sound was really mixed, before my narration was added and before the show had a format. I'm so sorry. I am mortified because I'd worked literally months on the new version with sound effects, my V.O. and a much tighter conversation. My network uploaded the wrong file in the middle of the night and I didn't know until it was after noon on the East Coast. 

So I'm sorry I had to make so many frantic announcements via social media ("Hey hi I'm Alie and I'm not wearing any makeup and I'm about to cry please delete my podcast!") but I really fucking love my listeners and you deserve the best: a show that has the right balance of science and warmth and humor and is professionally done. Putting out the wrong version was my own little mini-nightmare but... [SHRUG EMOJI]. 

If you got the wrong version, you'll know because it had no narrated bits throughout. If you got the RIGHT one, you'll know what was in my family's earthquake kit growing up and how I feel about awkwardly misogynistic volcano romance. Okay.

Click here for the right version. 

So if you got the wrong one, delete and redownload and pretend it's all fresh. Whatever.

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Okay, onto the links!

Jess Phoenix on Twitter

Jess Phoenix on Instagram

Ologies on Twitter

Ologies on Instagram

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Theme song by Nick Thorburn.

Mauna Loa ("It's long. It's really really looooong.")


Video of Mt. St. Helens "projectile vomiting"

BBC docudrama on Yellowstone/supervolcanoes

Earthquake kit instructions (ahem, California and Pacific Northwest)

"Subduction leads to orogeny" items

Pixar's Lava short [heavy sigh]

Browse some volunteer research positions, for fack's sake! It could change your life. 

Thanks so much and stay tuned for hot zookeeper gossip next week. I love you. 


Alie Ward