Ferroequinology (TRAINS) with Matt Anderson


Image: an operational steam locomotive in the Henry Ford Museum's Greenfield Village. 

Trains. Locomotives. Choochoos. Bullet trains. Hyperloops. Subways. How fast can they go? How did they change American history? Why do people love them? What should we do with all that abandoned track?  Can you marry a train? What's it like to shovel coal into a steam engine? 

Alie went off the rails at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan talking to an official ferroequinologist and curator Matt Anderson -- who confessed to some youthful railroad mischief, delivered a succinct slice of U.S. History, has train movie recommendations and discussed cars vs. trains in the great transportation debate. Also, why transporting isn't always about the trains. 

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Alie Ward