Kalology (BEAUTY STANDARDS) with Renee Engeln


We love it. We hate it. BEAUTY CULTURE. 

Looking good can make us feel decorated, empowered and more confident -- but why? 

And why are certain groups subtly told to "make-up" for their appearance? 

What's the line between self-care and oppression? 

Psychologist, author and beauty-researching kalologist Dr. Renee Engeln shines a huge bright floodlight on the sometimes ugly machinery of the billion-dollar beauty and fitness industry. This is an episode for make-up lovers, haters and the millions of us confused about being both at once. It's also an opportunity for dudes to learn just how how skewed the standards are. Buckle up -- this ologist will change the way you see the world, others and hopefully, yourself. 

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Alie Ward