Spesh Ep: Hematology with Brian Durie


Bloooood. In this special episode, Alie sits down with Scotsman and hematologist Dr. Brian Durie to talk about blood: what it is, and what can go wrong. As an oncologist, Dr. Durie is a leading researcher in multiple myeloma, a disease that's deeply affected Alie's family. So learn about what's in your blood and how doctors are finding new cures and therapies for the people diagnosed with blood cancers. Also learn about the most scientifically chill way to live your life, what foods to avoid, whether or not Coachella is too crowded and some handy fish slang.

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For more info on myeloma, visit www.myeloma.org

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You can download the raw, unedited interview, with a little more info for myeloma patients here.

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